How to Customise Your Kitchen Interior

The kitchen has always been the heart of the home and we spend much of our time at home at this room. Weather cooking, eating or having a cup of hot tea or coffee early in the mornings, you spend hours in it, so why not give them your kitchen a personal touch. There are many ways you can expand your kitchen into a decorative show place for your creative style, here are some tips you can follow to customise your kitchen interior.

Colour Touch

If your kitchen cabinets are old and the paint is falling off, don’t rush to throw them away, because there is a cheaper way to make your kitchen look nice again than purchasing new cabinets. Just strip the paint, then paint the cabinets again. My advice is to stick to natural colours such as white and beige, but choose one of your cabinets and paint it into green, blue or yellow. Add a few accessories in the same colour and your kitchen will look completely different.

Glass Cabinets

Glass cabinets are a great addition to each modern kitchen. Kitchen cabinets are always closed and all of your dinnerware stay hidden behind the closed doors, so why not display your lovely dishes? You can do this by replacing your old cabinet doors with glass ones. There is a great variety of creative glass applications which range from frosted glass to pebbled glass. If you’re a creative person and love DIY projects, then you can draw a piece of glass with glass paint and then install it into your cabinet doors. This will undoubtedly give your kitchen a personal touch. It’s also a great idea to install lighting inside your kitchen cabinets for highlighting displays at night.

Casual Look

If you want to give your kitchen a casual look, consider open shelving made from natural surfaces, rustic wood or metal. Open shelves give you the opportunity to show your beautiful dishes, your collection of cooking books or a few of your DIY projects. You can install such shelves on empty walls or vacant space between upper kitchen cabinets. A friend of mine , who is a cleaning expert at a Waretloo cleaning company, always advise me to be aware when installing additional shelves because they can make a kitchen look small and overcrowded.

Flower Beauty

If you want to make your kitchen cosier, then add flowers. A few beautiful orchids will give your kitchen a fresh and nice look. Flowers need light so make sure that you place them close to the kitchen window. It’s a great pleasure to enjoy lovely orchids while having your morning cup of coffee. This undoubtedly can make your day.

Kitchen backsplash wallpaper


Changing the backplash of your kitchen will undoubtedly give it a personal look. You have many options to show your personal style. You can replace your kitchen backsplash with wooden panels for a warmer look, use ceramic tiles to create a beautiful mosaic or to use a lovely colourful wallpaper. Be creative!

kitchen curtain

Floral Elements

Last, but not least, you can take a floral piece of cloth and create a little curtain which you can hang over the sink area. Add a few accessories in the same colour to maximise the effect.

When it comes to customising home interior, all you need to give your rooms a personal touch is creativity, time and little money.