Easy Lawn and Garden Fixes

Does your yard require some improvements? Perhaps your lawn has become unsightly with all the weeds and tall grass. Likewise, your garden could be suffering from soil erosion. Regardless, we’re here to help you out.

We’ve identified several common problems homeowners face when it comes to their yards. Thus, here are some easy lawn and garden fixes that should help you save money instead of hiring professional services. (more…)

How to Redesign Your Garden without Efforts

Holiday season aside, summer is by far the best time of the year for receiving house guests.

The weather is nice and warm and the people’s mood is generally better. You can sit somewhere in the house or – this is arguably the best option – in the backyard, enjoying your drinks and pleasant conversation.

The first thing you have to do, however, is to spur up your garden and put it in good enough shape for your house guests.

Every redecoration project must start and end with serious junk removal. If you want your redecoration to be effective, you have to get rid of all unnecessary rubbish in your garden and respectively, after you are done, all traces of your activity have to disappear. For best results, you can contact a local rubbish removal company that offers a wide choice of junk removal services provided by professionals that readily will handle this tedious task for you.

Once you have prepared the stage, it is time for you to start the real redecoration. Here are some useful tips for beautiful, yet easy to achieve

Do It Yourself design projects for gardens:

Coloured Outdoor Rug

A warm coloured outdoor rug to put over the floors of your garden will definitely evoke the summer mood in you and your guests – at a party or during your relaxation hours after work.

Folding Chairs

When you are hosting a party and setting up an outdoor kitchen, you can never be sure how many people exactly will show up. Instead of worrying if there will be enough seats for everyone, just get yourself several folding chairs. Picking up the right model will result in one more nice addition to your garden and backyard decoration.

Garden Plates

There is an easy way to turn your garden into a fashionable art space. All you need is several steel plates. You can get a friend to paint some botanical or marine motives on them. If you have the talent, you can easily get this done yourself. The newly made art pieces will look great on the fence.

Bubble caged glass lanterns

A couple of bubble caged glass lanterns or maybe beautiful red Chinese ones, placed on strategic spots in the garden will create a real fairy-tale atmosphere in your garden at night.

Alternatively, stylish lighting effect can be achieved by placing candles on the table during dinner and the cocktail drinking after that.

The last touch will be getting a nice set of chinaware to serve your meals in during your special events in the garden. Geometric patterns that match the rug under your feet will be a detail that will not stay unnoticed.

Are You Ready to Start Growing Your Own Peaches?

Peach TreeTo grow a peach tree in a container you will need a dwarf variety – this could be Bonanza or Garden Lady type. If you prefer nectarines, try with Nectarella or Terrace ruby. These kinds of trees grow slowly, reaching not more than a meter and a half for ten years. Growing the tree in a container also keeps it smaller than planting it in an open space. (more…)