How to Maintain Your Washing Machine

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Your washing machine can easily develop mould and residue from detergent and fabric conditioner, that if left unchecked can lead to larger problems. However, simply cleaning the three most important parts of your washing machine can make a measurable difference to its performance. It’s not fun, but it’s necessary: if you haven’t cleaned your washing machine before, you’ll soon notice the difference.

At House Keeper London, we know that your washing machine will be looking and smelling like new in an instant, all you need is a cloth, some white vinegar and anti-bacterial spray. This simple guide to keeping your washing machine clean will help you to get started: (more…)

Easy Lawn and Garden Fixes

Does your yard require some improvements? Perhaps your lawn has become unsightly with all the weeds and tall grass. Likewise, your garden could be suffering from soil erosion. Regardless, we’re here to help you out.

We’ve identified several common problems homeowners face when it comes to their yards. Thus, here are some easy lawn and garden fixes that should help you save money instead of hiring professional services. (more…)