Exercise to Tighten your body with Spring Cleaning

This Spring brought to us warmth and longer days almost as if it is meant to be a wake up call to get our thought, bodies and homes in order. And even though our bodies are still adjusting to the time and weather change we know there is no time to waste – it’s time to act. Those who start acting on getting in shape for the wonderful summer to come soon, are often constrained by time. So what a better way to do the spring cleaning chores, but to combine them with workout.


Kitchen Organization: Having the Right State of Mind

kitchen organizationIf you want to declutter your kitchen (or any area), the first thing you need is the right mindset.

Clutter is a state of mind more than anything else. This may sound strange, as you can obviously see clutter as physical objects that pile up and get in your way. However, it is people who create clutter, and the whole process starts in mind. (more…)

How to Clean the Kitchen Flooring

Kitchen Floor CleaningStop being a mucky puppy underfoot! How could you even drag your feet across the sticky floor?! Especially now, when we are talking about kitchen flooring, I note that the microscopic scraps of food are a real heaven for all the bacteria out there. Even if you don’t see them, believe me, they are all over the floor! The even worse thing is that spilled crumbs and food attract flies, rodents and other bugs and I’m sure that they are nobody’s favourite! (more…)

Why De-Crumbing the Toaster is Important

In the following lines, you will learn a few easy ways to de-crumb your toaster and the top reasons why de-crumbing is important. I hope that you will find it interesting and helpful, because as it looks like, this is quite an important task even though I didn’t know that before yesterday. (more…)