Avoid making these common rookie gardener mistakes when you decide to grow your own vegetables.

Unwise watering– Most novices make the common errors of over watering and under watering their plantations. These two errors can have fatal consequences on your garden. Therefore before you decide to water your plants poke the soil with your finger. If the soil is moisture then you don’t need to water your plants. Water only when the lower layer of the soil is dry.

Not testing the soil– Before you plant you vegetables make sure to test the soil. It is very important for the soil to have the necessary pH and nutrients qualities that plants needs. Bear in mind that bad soil while certainly ruin your plantation.

Garden divas– Some plants are more capricious than others. For example summer tomatoes are quite tricky as a too hot, too cold, too wet or too dry summer can ruin them. Therefore rookie gardeners should plant only easy to grown vegetable and just a couple of more capricious vegetables to train on them. However if you need to plant tomatoes during the summer, go with cherry tomatoes as they are very resilient and can handle any summer weather condition.

Over planting– Never plants more than you can eat as the maintenance of the garden will be hard and most of your vegetables won’t be eaten and will rot. However if you plant than you can eat, you can always consider donating the food.

Growing only from seeds– Some plants are hard to grow from seeds. That is why experiences gardeners grow them from seedlings. Therefore before you decide to plant a vegetable get informed which planting technique is better.

Dirty tools– Working with dirty and soiled gardening tools can have devastating consequences for your plants. Therefore make sure to clean your tools prior gardening. If you don’t have the time to clean them, hire cleaners Walworth once a month to come of clean your tools. In terms of garden tools cleaners Walworth has plenty of experienced companies.