Exercise to Tighten your body with Spring Cleaning

This Spring brought to us warmth and longer days almost as if it is meant to be a wake up call to get our thought, bodies and homes in order. And even though our bodies are still adjusting to the time and weather change we know there is no time to waste – it’s time to act. Those who start acting on getting in shape for the wonderful summer to come soon, are often constrained by time. So what a better way to do the spring cleaning chores, but to combine them with workout.


Easy Bathroom Cleaning

shiny bathroom cleaning
When it comes to bathroom cleaning do not forget that in this area the cleaning chores only get harder over time. The bathroom gets dirty really easy when you have children. With minimal but sustained efforts you can keep your bathroom in proper shape. Instead of preparing for a big deep end of the month cleaning, clean a little bit of everything each day. Thus dirt and dust will not accumulate. Moreover, you will be able to restrict mold and mildew growth. (more…)