cleaning LondonWell, you surely know for what the football gloves are used. During a game, the gloves will accumulate exterior residue,moisture and odour. If you want to learn how to clean them properly, you should contact the professionals from London cleaning services. But wait! Why to do that when in this article you will find some of their best tips on how to clean leather football gloves. Read their instructions now.

If you clean your gloves regularly you will not only protect them, but you will also extend their life. If you want to use them for a long time, follow the steps below and clean your leather football gloves with the help of a professional cleaner London.

1.Use a bowl to make a cleaning solution of white vinegar and water in equal parts. Add two tablespoons of laundry detergent and mix well.

2.Dip a clean cloth into the mixture. London cleaning experts advise you to wring out the cloth and to remove the excess solution. Wipe over the exterior of the leather gloves. The vinegar will disinfect and the laundry detergent will clean. You should also put some baking soda which will deodorize the leather. When the exterior is completely dried, you should turn the gloves inside out.

3.Make a new solution with the same ingredients and clean in the exact same way. When you are ready, you can leave the gloves to dry.

London cleaning specialists advise you to do that as more often as you can for the best results. Do that regularly and the cleaning problem about how to clean leather football gloves won’t be a problem any more!