What type of cleaning products do you use at home? Do you buy expensive store detergents, or you clean with natural products, like bicarbonate of soda, salt and vinegar? Have you ever cleaned with vinegar?

If you have never cleaned with vinegar, you probably don’t know that it can be used for cleaning. Nowadays, in the era of green things, when everybody is talking about reducing air pollution and protecting the resources of the Earth, cleaning with natural products is becoming more and more popular. If you are still using bleach for disinfection I’ll say that you’re too old-fashioned, because there is a product in your kitchen cupboard, which is just as good, but safer. It is called vinegar!

Vinegar is the best natural disinfectant. Ask whichever professional cleaner London you want and he’ll tell you the same. You don’t have to clean your bathroom and toilet with chlorine-based detergents any more, you can do it with the same sour liquid that you use for cooking and flavouring salads. It is strong enough to kill all types of bacteria and germs, but safe enough to use it without wearing a mask on your face and rubber gloves on your hands.

Most detergents that you buy from the supermarket contain toxic ingredients, which make them quite harmful for the human organism. They can cause you a lot of health problems, such as allergies, respiratory diseases, dizziness, skin irritation or something worse. Unlike them, vinegar and other natural cleaning products are absolutely harmless. They won’t cause you any diseases and will do the same good job as commercial cleaning detergents.

If you don’t trust me about the use of vinegar consult a professional cleaner London, or browse the Internet. There are numerous articles about green cleaning and eco-friendly products on the web.