Whatever you do to prevent your oven from getting dirty, there always will be spills, splashes and baked food leftovers on the walls, the rims inside the oven. You will have to eventually clean the oven, and we are here to give you the best solutions for it.

And we give you good news from the very beginning – you do not need to use abrasive oven cleaners to remove all that mess. You can help yourself a lot by creating your own cleaning detergents. And guess what – you do not have to be a chemistry expert to do so.

So, basically you will not have to do anything extraordinary, it is quite simple. Here are a few recipes:

1.For the first one you will need the following ingredients : 1 part liquid dish soap, 1 part white vinegar, one part hydrogen peroxide and a quarter part warm water.

Mix them all up in a bowl, bucket or a bottle. Apply with a sponge to the inside of the oven and wait for an hour for the cleaner to do its job. You may scrub a little with the sponge, where necessary and then rinse.

An important thing to know is that you may clean an oven with a detergent only if it is a regular type. There are self cleaning ovens that can be damaged if you go inside an decide to clean it by hand. Also there are so called continuously cleaning ovens. They have a special coating inside which may be damaged by any of the cleaning detergents you may use, and rend it useless.

2.A great grease cutter is lemon juice. Like vinegar, lemon juice is acidic and can deal with most stains. To make a potent cleaner, mix equal parts of lemon juice and salt. Apply this mixture to the oven and leave it there for 15 minutes or so. Then use a scrubby and rinse it all away.

3.For tougher stains you will need “tougher” oven cleaners. Here is a recipe for one :

One cup salt, mixed with one cup of baking soda inside a bigger cup of water. Water can be the same amount as the other two ingredients. When mixed properly these will create a paste, which can be applied to the surfaces within the oven. When you do so, close the oven door and heat it up to around 500 degrees Celsius for an hour. Then turn it off and let it cool down. Afterwards, use a damp rag to wipe out any debris, rinse what is left and wipe dry.