How to clean a bulky comforter

Quick question, is your comforter dirty? If the answer is yes, then you should wash it. And if it is a “no,” you should still consider giving it some cleaning. Because even when you store it in a tightly sealed bag, chances are it can still get dirty thanks to the dust, humidity, and mites from the surrounding environment.

Stage 1: Before cleaning

#1 – Check the instruction manual

No matter what you’re going to do, it is best to ask for expert opinions first. And in this case, the easiest way is to find them in the instruction manual. It will tell you exactly when to wash, what detergent to use, and how to make the settings.

#2 – How often should I wash my comforter?

Yes, and you should do it frequently. Unless you think that you’ve kept your bed tidy enough, or you wouldn’t mind having some venereal diseases, then the process might not be necessary for you. But if you are determined to do it, according to the cleaning experts make sure you wash yours once or twice every three months depending on how much you are using it and the surrounding environment (i mean the dust, humidity, and mites).

#3 – Check for scratches, miss threads, or stains

Before stuffing everything into the washing machine, take a few minutes to have a look at your comforter. Try your best to spot all the damaged areas, such as stains, scratches, or miss threads. Bear in mind that you need to patch all the spots before washing the comforter.

#4 – Dealing with stains

For all stains, it is best to use bleach to wipe them all out. But make sure that you use the right recommended detergent to protect the comforter.

Stage 2 – Time to wash your comforter

#1 – Unload the package

And by unload I mean placing it in the washing machine. Stuff it all into the washing tub see if there are any room left. If it does and you see a lot of spare spaces, you might want to place a pair of tennis shoes or balls in it just to balance the weight. And your comforter is too big for the machine; you can always take it to a laundry store.

#2 – A proper setting and water temperature

For all comforters, you need to adjust the level to the minimum.  Check the instruction manual to see whether they tell you the exact water temperature. If not, you should use warm water (25-30 deg. C)

#3 – Use the recommended detergent

And once again take a look at the manual. If the information is not there, take a look at the materials section. First, check the filling section, it could be wool, down feathers, silk, or polyester. Then find shell materials which varied from cotton, silk, polyester, or blends. After that just do some online research to find the right detergent for your comforter. Check for the best down comforter in this article, and find about its maintenance.

#4 – Extra note: adding a few more rinse cycles

A few extra rinses are always recommended since this is a huge item and it might need a more intensive washing. Plus, you have already use the “dedicated” washing level so it wouldn’t hurt though.

Stage 3 – Drying and finishing moves

#1 – Start the dryer

Take your soaking comforter out of the washing machine and put it in the dryer. Distribute it evenly, consider adding a rubber dryer ball for more efficient performance.

#2 – Set the heat

Once again, be gentle to your comforter and set the heat to lowest. You can give it a few extra rounds to make sure it is completely dried.

#3 – Refluff

Between each round, remember to take it out and fluff a little bit. Just simply hold on the two sides and work the air into it.

#4 – Final touch

When you’re done, it is necessary to give your comforter a nice bath under the warm sun for at least 5-6 hours. It will eliminate all the remaining moisture, odours, and mites. But if the weather isn’t entirely supportive (there are no sun), you can choose to hang it indoors and make sure you lengthen the process to 11-12 hours, says the Home Decor Expert. Once it’s fully dry, you can iron, fold and put it back in the drawer.

After that, you will have a nice, soft, and fragrant comforter for a relaxing night of good sleep.

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