DIY vs Professional Carpet Cleaning

DIY vs Professional Carpet Cleaning

Imagine a world where you do not have to clean your home. What a blissful place to be. Here things are a little bit different. Liquids leave water marks, dirt and grime accumulate, and colours fade with time. But still you have your cleaning schedule which you follow vigorously. You vacuum lightly two or three times a week and perform a comprehensive vacuuming at the end of the week. You clean every spot and stain and dust often. That is nice. And helpful. Being pro active means a lot and saves time and money. Unfortunately, carpets which are the biggest villains of them all tend to absorb all kinds of germs and dirt. Moreover, with time they tend to accumulate into the carpets fibers where regular vacuuming can not reach. Sooner than later your carpeting needs a deep carpet cleaning service. (more…)

Easy Water-Conservation Guide

cleaners LondonConserving water is really important for the Earth. So don’t hesitate to start immediately and save water and money in the same time. Saving water means that you are going to reduce your bills. So don’t wait and read the easy water-conservation guide. (more…)

Help Your Berber Carpet

A good quality Berber carpet can be a chic and classy addition to any room in a property. The trademark appearance of a Berber carpet is its varying sized tufts of loops. The most often materials used in the manufacturing of Berber carpets are wool, nylon and olefin. Therefore if you own a Berber carpet, or if you are considering installing one, make sure to understand how to maintain the carpet clean and in good condition for the long run. (more…)