cleaners LondonNo! The best way to use vodka is not by drinking it. Vodka has hundreds of uses in the household and more especially in the cleaning. Here, a professional from cleaning London services will share with you some tips and the best way to use vodka.

I don’t like drinking vodka. That makes my cleaning even better, because I can stay focused. If you are a vodka-lover, the cleaning might become a hard task. Read the cleaning tricks shared by the cleaners London who are experts in the cleaning sphere and can help you with many good ideas.

1.One of the most common uses of the vodka is to clean glass. It’s so good choice, because it doesn’t leave any streaks. You can use paper towels soaked with vodka to clean windows, eyeglasses or any other glass surfaces.

2.Fill a spray bottle with vodka and spray the bathroom walls, the shower curtain and the bathtub. Cleaning London specialists explain that it will kill any mould and mildew. When you spray the liquid, you should leave it there for at least 15 minutes.

3.Another popular use of the vodka is to clean and polish crystalline jewellery.

4.Cleaners London advise you using vodka, if you want to remove odours. Spray some vodka over the smelly fabric and the odour will be gone very soon. This works great, if you want to get rid of the cigarette smoke.

For more tips about the best way to use vodka, you should contact the cleaning London experts. They will share with you many more of the popular uses of vodka.