A good quality Berber carpet can be a chic and classy addition to any room in a property. The trademark appearance of a Berber carpet is its varying sized tufts of loops. The most often materials used in the manufacturing of Berber carpets are wool, nylon and olefin. Therefore if you own a Berber carpet, or if you are considering installing one, make sure to understand how to maintain the carpet clean and in good condition for the long run.

It may sound simple but the easiest way to remove a tough stain on the carpet is to apply some cold water on it. Damp a clean cloth with cold water and begin scrubbing gently, never rub as you will push the stain deeper in the carpet. Berber carpets have a unique characteristic which does not allow stains to set in, by keeping them strictly on the surface.

The faster your response to a spill is, the easier you will remove it. Whether or not you try cold water, it is highly necessary to follow-up with a good and thorough dry vacuuming. The vacuuming is especially important if you have applied cold water. Berber carpet’s varying depth and details make it easy for water to settle, which may lead to unwanted mold to accumulate in the carpet. Therefore vacuuming any dampness is a practical and effective technique to prevent such a scenario.

As mentioned above, Berber carpets have a higher density, which makes the usage of steam cleaning systems much harder. This means that removing water from vacuumed areas is more difficult. Many simple things such as taking-off your shoes when you get home and placing doormats on the household exits and high-traffic areas can be used as a very helpful prevention tool. Last but not least, using professional cleaning services Highbury based, once a year is of great importance, as cleaners have modern equipment to execute a full and non-harmful cleaning. So if you are looking for carpet cleaning Highbury is the place to be, as it has a wide range of firms operating in the field.