How to Properly Care for Rubber Gloves

Rubber glovesHousehold gloves come in handy when we do lots of home chores. They protect us from harmful chemicals, hot water, and unpleasant substances when we have to clean them. There are many types of household gloves thick rubber gloves or disposable latex free gloves, just to name few. They are fit for numerous household activities. The best gloves will be durable and provide you with great handling abilities to accomplish your tasks. (more…)

Microfiber Cloth Miracle

cleaning with microfiber clothsMicrofiber products are relatively new to the domestic cleaning products market but have conquered it in short time. One of the biggest wonder in household cleaning is the development of the microfiber technology. A microfiber cloth is superior to conventional cleaning materials like cotton or paper towels, sponges, and mops. Moreover, it relatively cheap, will save you money on water and cleaning solutions due to its excellent absorption abilities.

The microfiber is 1970s innovation but its household applications have been developed lately. As its name suggests microfiber is a synthetic fiber made of polyester or nylon which are bundled to form a strand. These strands are split and finally woven together after being treated with chemicals, heat, and agitation. (more…)

How to Remove Stains from Marble Surfaces

Sparkling marble surfaces - how to clean them.Marble surfaces are not only elegant, but very comfortable as being available in many different colours, types and patterns. However, marble has a porous nature and sometimes it can be easily stained which makes it difficult to maintain. To remove stains and effectively clean marble surfaces, you need some knowledge on how to do it properly using inexpensive products. Read on the article for more information. (more…)