DIY vs Professional Carpet Cleaning

Imagine a world where you do not have to clean your home. What a blissful place to be. Here things are a little bit different. Liquids leave water marks, dirt and grime accumulate, and colours fade with time. But still you have your cleaning schedule which you follow vigorously. You vacuum lightly two or three times a week and perform a comprehensive vacuuming at the end of the week. You clean every spot and stain and dust often. That is nice. And helpful. Being pro active means a lot and saves time and money. Unfortunately, carpets which are the biggest villains of them all tend to absorb all kinds of germs and dirt. Moreover, with time they tend to accumulate into the carpets fibers where regular vacuuming can not reach. Sooner than later your carpeting needs a deep carpet cleaning service.

Deep carpet cleaning is a must. Here is the tricky part – you start wondering whether to use a professional carpet cleaning service in London or do the job by yourself? There are pros and cons to both sides as usual.

If you choose to hire a professional dry carpet cleaning service in London you will be able to benefit from their years of experience in the trade. For sure they are more knowledgeable than the average person. Moreover, they have professional equipment and supplies. The expert carpet cleaning companies have real understanding about carpet fibers, different stains, and suitable solutions. That is for the advantages. Let’s talk about some possible drawbacks. Many carpet cleaning providers promise fabulous services at low prices which later on introduce different hidden charges for simple services. Be careful of ballooning costs which may ruin your budget.

If you have already set your mind on doing it yourself you should decide what kind of carpet cleaning you want. The two most common ways are:

  • Dry carpet cleaning – you sprinkle dry cleaning powder onto the surface and rub it into the fibers. After allowing sufficient time the powder is dry vacuumed from the carpet. The advantages of the dry cleaning process are fast drying times ( 1 to 3 hours) and low moisture levels.

  • Hot water extraction – this process takes more time than dry cleaning and is more appropriate for higher degree of soiling. It involves agitating the carpet fibers with cleaning solution and then rinsing the carpeting with pressurized hot water. Thus the carpet is sanitized and dirt, soil, and bacteria are removed successfully. However, it takes 6 to 12 hours for the area to dry.

Next, you should decide whether to hire the equipment or buy it. That is up to you now. If you have long term plans for DIY missions it is recommendable to buy it so you can save money in the future. Otherwise, many hardware shops offer cleaning tools for hire.

If you have to save some money and have the time, after a proper research you are good to go with DIY carpet cleaning. Alternatively, if you have enough money and do not want to waste time on such a mundane task, you can easily find a reputable deep carpet cleaning service in London.