Oak FloringSolid wood floors, especially oak floors are perhaps one of the most valuable and sought after home features as they provide unrivalled charisma and distinct appeal to the entire room or area of the house, plus they cost quite a bit to purchase and install properly.

Opting for an oak floor is an excellent decision, there are different types of oak, thus different shades and hues of oak wood grain which gives homemakers and decorators some room to play with wall colours and additional features around the room. If you are yet to purchase and install your new oak flooring, then you need to make an informed choice, a well stocked wood floors installation should be able to help out with sufficient choice and technical advice.

Light or medium brown oak floors are the most popular because of their hue and well developed wood grain pattern. This particular shade of wood gives you a few options for wall colours with darker ones being a priority. Light or medium brown oak goes well with darker wall colours like dark bronze or light brown, even some of the cream palette colours can prove to be successful with light oak floors. Red oak floors or floors with tinges of red, create a cosy, welcoming feeling throughout the entire room, they can be complemented by warm wall colours, vibrant ones too for that matter.

For example a butter yellow colour for the walls will be an excellent choice to go with red oak floors as the wall colour will intensify the red in the floor and accent it even more. If the red in the wood grain is a bit much, you can offset the tinge by using a cooler wall colour, this will not compromise the appeal of the floor but only add a touch of extra air. Visiting a wood floor company and looking at samples will help you find a suitable type of oak flooring for your tastes, you can also bring a sample of the paint you have in mind and match it against some samples they have in stock.