Vinyl tile floors are the latest trend in the world of flooring. Every day this type of flooring material is becoming more and more popular among homeowners. This type of flooring has numerous qualities such as water resistance, durability, easy placement, inexpensive prices and etc. However just like everything in the world vinyl tiles have a down side as well. The problem is that they tend to curl in time. Here comes a quick tutorial on how you can fix the curling of your vinyl tiles.

1. When you spot a curled tile cover it with a sheet of aluminium foil and warm it at medium heat. This will soften the glue under the tile and will make the vinyl tile flexible.

2. Once the tile is flexible enough, peel it back gently so that you can apply a fresh coat of glue. When applying the new layer of glue be careful not to place too much of it, as it will cause more damage than good due to the fact that the vinyl tile could easily get all rippled.

3. Get a rolling pin and press the tile by moving the pin towards the problematic corner of the tile. This will force the curled corner to stick to the floor. If any glue strays out, use a clean wet cloth to remove it.

4. To be on the safe side, cover the freshly repaired tile with wax paper and place weights on the paper. Leave the weights over the tile until the glue dries which approximately take between 7 to 9 hours. Once the glue has dried remove the weights and voilà, you have repaired your curled vinyl tile.

If all this seems too much of a job for you, hire a flooring firm that offer vinyl flooring installation services. When it comes to vinyl tiles flooring services London has numerous qualified firms that you can hire at very affordable prices.