Hallways and throughways are one part of the house that tends to get somewhat neglected in the whole decoration commotion. Yet again, hallways and spaces under staircases could pose to be excellent addition to the overall house interior. Floor space could be utilized in such way that a new storage compartment is created or a small waiting area is created, possibilities are abundant. Alcoves could be made to serve similar purpose, they could be turned into a vanity area where everyone can fix their hair just before walking out the door or something along those lines.

So scrap the antique wardrobe eating up valuable floor space and turn your alcove into a small and functional chunk of space. Floating shelves could be used to utilize some of the bigger walls along the hallway and lose the barren wall feel that some hallways do have. Don’t clutter the area too much as it will have to be included in the cleaning schedule and you don’t want to be spending two hours each week on the hallway, especially if you use domestic cleaners Mottingham companies won’t brake your piggy bank but they do charge by the hour.

The space you have available under the staircase gives a great opportunity to play around with different interior solutions, if you need extra storage space get one of those antique cabinets with multiple drawers – they are a great idea if you need to store small stuff like fishing tackle or some other hobby related items, as long as you don’t leave the bait in there, it’s all good. Some hallways, should the house layout allow it could be turned into fully functional rooms, thus giving you extra living space, there will be some more cleaning to be done but you can rely on the cleaners Motspur Park companies pay attention to all the rooms. If you need to reduce room clutter in your newly discovered floor space, consider furniture with hidden storage compartments like a couch with solid wood storage bottom, where you can keep shoes or sports gear that gets used frequently.