cleaning with microfiber clothsMicrofiber products are relatively new to the domestic cleaning products market but have conquered it in short time. One of the biggest wonder in household cleaning is the development of the microfiber technology. A microfiber cloth is superior to conventional cleaning materials like cotton or paper towels, sponges, and mops. Moreover, it relatively cheap, will save you money on water and cleaning solutions due to its excellent absorption abilities.

The microfiber is 1970s innovation but its household applications have been developed lately. As its name suggests microfiber is a synthetic fiber made of polyester or nylon which are bundled to form a strand. These strands are split and finally woven together after being treated with chemicals, heat, and agitation.

For dusting and cleaning the microfiber cloth is a class above other domestic cleaning products. Their chemical structure allows the cloth to absorb up to seven times its own weight in liquids. Its great absorption capacity allows for great savings of water and cleaning detergents. Moreover, when it comes to dusting it is much better than ordinary cotton clothes. Microfiber cloths do not spread the dust around in the air, rather with the help of static electricity tend to retain it in its fibers.

Microfiber is quite effective when it comes to capturing microbes. A number of studies have estimated that the amount of bacteria by a microfiber mop is nearly 99% while a cotton cloth dust will pick only 30% of harmful microorganisms. Its colour variety allows for a colour- coding system that reduces the risks of cross contamination. You will easily recognize the yellow cloth used in the bathroom from let’s say the pink one used for the kitchen counter tops. Microfiber is eco friendly technology that reduces the input of water and domestic cleaning products in the process of cleaning.

Overall microfiber domestic cleaning products are far superior than other types. They are durable, easy to launder and relatively cheap. They have great penetration and can be purchased almost anywhere. You can buy microfiber cloth from every retail chain, many small local shops, or over the Internet.