Domestic Cleaning MelbourneCleaning your house is one of the most important things you need to do on a regular basis. Dusting and vacuuming are definitely included. You couldn’t make your home neat without them. Sometimes it is difficult to make the decision what to start with. Here is some useful advice that could help you.

It is clear that dusting could make a certain amount of dust to fall on the floor. That is why you think that dusting should be always done before vacuuming. That could be right in some cases. According to domestic cleaning Melbourne, sometimes the sequence should be reversed.

When you clean your kitchen, you should clean and dust off the counters first. That makes sense because you could send some debris to the floor. Then you can vacuum them with your vacuum cleaner.

The situation could be much different in the bedroom. The main thing you need to clean up in this room is the dust. Vacuuming could make the dust linger around the room. That is why you should first vacuum and remove as much of the dust as you can. Then get a wet cloth and use it to clean up the remaining dust from the surfaces.

Vacuuming or dusting first should be based on the room you are cleaning. If the main thing you are dealing with is dust, you’d better launch your vacuum cleaner first. If the surfaces are too dirty, start with dusting them off.

In case you experience any problems cleaning your house, call cleaners Melbourne to give you a hand. They will do it professionally.