Dogs just like most humans don’t like taking pills. In fact most canines find amazing ways to make their owners think that they have taken their pills while in fact they have not. For example some dogs tend to hide the pills in their cheeks and then spit them out when their owner is not in the room. If you have a sick dog here are some ways which you can use to trick it into taking his pills to get better.

– Dogs love hotdogs so you can easily crush the given pill and sprinkle it over the hot dog. This way your pet will both have a tasty meal and take his pills which will make him feel better. You can do the same with liverwursts or other favorite food of its.
– You can easily hide a pill in a piece of soft cheese. Just cut the cheese in smaller pieces and in one of them slide the pill. This way your canine will eat the cheese unaware that one of the pieces holds his remedy. Another option is to break the pill into pieces and mix them with cream cheese.
– Another trick is to wrap a piece of bacon around the pill and drop it on the floor. Your dog will rush into eating the bacon before you pick it up and will swallow his pill.
– Scoop a spoon of peanut butter and sprinkle on it a crushed pill. Next call your dog to lick the spoon. This is another useful approach that you may try out

For a sick dog to heal quickly you have to secure that it lives in a healthy environment. Therefore clean your house more regularly with chemicals cleaning products. This way you will provide a harmless environment which will aid your dog get better. You can buy pet friendly chemicals cleaning products from any home depot or store.