I am sure, that you are aware of the hardships, awaiting on the road to a clean stove. There are many techniques, though, to make it an easier, if not a pleasant experience.

Start by removing everything inside the stove. All of the drip pans should leave the place. Place them in hot water, mixed with dish soap. While the grease is getting removed, take out the heating elements. For a gas stove, just pick them up and place somewhere nearby. The electric stoves should be unplugged from the outlet, for maximum safety.

Cleaners Turnpike Lane are always happy to oblige, so they shared some of their tips. Removing any dirt and food is essential for the well-being of your stove. Some soap and water will place the foundations. You can also use a mild cleanser or some water and baking soda. Just use circular motions to rub the stove until all of the grime has been removed.

The top of the stove should be handled with gentleness, even if the stains are tough. You can use circular motions again, even apply pressure, but don’t overdo it. Some baking soda paste can go quite a long way here.

Rinsing off after cleaning is the next logical step. This is what cleaners Turnpike Lane say. Either is good – either just cool water, or some vinegar with water. For a better effect, you can just spray the solution around and then wipe it off with a piece of cloth. Vinegar is deadly against germs and odours.

Finish off with the dip pans. They should be soaked enough by now. Use a mild abrasive and scrub the pans nicely. Rinse with water and replace them inside the stove. This is it!