If you aren’t a cleaning maniac and you don’t have time to clean your home daily or just daily cleaning routine isn’t one of your habits, then you may find this article helpful. Unexpected guests can be a real nightmare if your home is mess and you don’t want your guests to think that you’re a bad housewife, we all know that you’re NOT. Here are some simple advice which will help you get your home looking clean and tidy in 10 minutes.

Focus on areas that your guests will see.

  1. Grab your clutter bucket or a clutter bag and gather all extraneous items, then put it into a room or place where your guests won’t have an access.
  2. Stack dirty dishes into the a neat pile in your kitchen. If you have a dishwasher, then place them in it
  3. Put magazines and newspapers into a neat pile. You may be amazed how clean and organized your home will be when you do this 3 simple tasks.
  4. Grab a few wet wipes or a wet cloth and wipe over the surfaces in the room where your guests will be.
  5. Throw a tablecloth over the table or at least wipe the table clean. I always place a vase of flowers or a decoration on the table which grabs the guests attention. It’s a good trick.
  6. Wipe your door jambs with a cloth impregnate with lavender oil to give your home a fresh smell.
  7. It’s very important to make sure that your toilet is clean. If it isn’t as clean as you would want it to be, then give it a quick scrub with the toilet brush and spray lavender oil in the air to freshen the room. It’s not a bad idea to use a wet cloth or wet wipes to clean the area around the toilet bowl.
  8. It’s winter and outside is muddy and wet, so make sure that the area around your front door is clean. A tidy entrance always makes a great first impression.

This is all you need to do to make your home clean in 10 minutes for unexpected guests. If you want to save fuzz when it comes to cleaning 10 minutes before guests knock on the front door, you may consider using professional regular cleaning services. My mother recommend Cleaners Silvertown. You can visit their website http://www.cleaningsilvertown.co.uk/ for more information about the services they offer.