There is quite a bit going on behind the scenes when you are selling your property through an estate agency. Asking too high of a price for the property in question is one of the traps a seller can fall into. Asking too much for the house can seem like a good idea at the start but keep in mind that some agents will play along until its commission time. Keep in mind that when an agency agrees to work with the high figures you have suggested they are most likely buying the listing as it is called. They will also not attempt to sell your house directly to another buyer as this will prove to be inefficient and here is why.

A listing agency will most likely buy the listing so to speak and instead of offering the property directly to a buyer, they will offer the property to a high number of local, smaller estate agents who do actually work directly with home buyers, which possibly increases your selling power as the property is being offered by many to many.

During the first few weeks, the listing agency will come and conduct a detailed viewing of the house so that details and estimations can be clarified. It would be a good idea for you to prepare the house and get it ready for the viewing. A clean and sanitized property will be a much better sale than a nasty, grimy thing so if cleaning the house inside out seems like too much to handle on your own, by all means use the services of professional house cleaners in Tottenham as this will up the value of your home and is worth doing it. The guys are good with all types of house cleaning including pre-sale and move-out cleaning World’s End is serviced seven days a week.

The trick with forming the right asking price is not to over-estimate the property’s actual value, simply because fewer local agents will show interest. Also they won’t be easily fooled, because they work the locale and are familiar with prices in the area.