Harder than marble, granite is a good material for counter tops. If you have granite ones in your home, then you must know that they are not invulnerable or eternal. You will have to take care of them. Granite is more delicate substance than you might think and its maintenance should not be neglected.

Taking care of your granite counter top will grant their good look for years to come. You need to know a few tricks to make an easy maintenance.

Clean any spills at once. No matter how solid it looks like, granite is a porous surface. The naked eye couldn’t check for small cracks, but it doesn’t mean they are not there. If you clean any spills quickly, then you will prevent the forming of stains.

Choose wisely the cleaning products. The powder cleaners are abrasive and are not better than the spills. Moreover, the granite surface will lose its shine. If you want to acquire special cleaners for granite, look exactly for this type of cleaning products.

Concerning abrasive materials, use tools which hare not damaging for the granite structure. Use soft rags and sponges. For the best cleaning solutions, apart from the above-mentioned, use soap and water. These two will be harmless if you dry the surface fast after cleaning it.

Another useful tool for granite maintenance is the so-called granite sealer. Apply the sealer once in a season and you will have a good isolation against the possible penetrators. The professional cleaners in Clerkenwell recommend this.

Don’t you ever use bleach, ammonia or any other harsh chemicals on the granite surface. If you don’t want to destroy the shiny surface of your counter tops, use these tips, provided by the specialists in cleaning Woolwich.