Kitchen Floor CleaningStop being a mucky puppy underfoot! How could you even drag your feet across the sticky floor?! Especially now, when we are talking about kitchen flooring, I note that the microscopic scraps of food are a real heaven for all the bacteria out there. Even if you don’t see them, believe me, they are all over the floor! The even worse thing is that spilled crumbs and food attract flies, rodents and other bugs and I’m sure that they are nobody’s favourite!

You can’t get over-familiar with your mop, you know! And you can’t hire the oven cleaning in Rushden team every time, that’s for sure. That’s why I decided to help you with a few easy cleaning tips on how to clean the kitchen flooring.

1.First of all, you should remember that whatever the surface is, it needs regular washing. I would recommend cleaning it every day, if you have the opportunity. This is probably the area of the heaviest foot-traffic in your home.

2.If you can’t clean the flooring every day, you should at least vacuum or sweep up to loose dirt.

3.Use hot soapy water to mop the floor. The two-bucket method works perfect. Fill one with the cleaning solution and put the wringer on the other. Squeeze the filthy water into the empty bucket. That way you won’t spread the germs.

4.Don’t use the same mop for the kitchen and the bathroom.

5.You should ALWAYS let your mop dry. Leaving it damp in a bucket full of germs will lead to a nasty dirt that you will spread next time you mop. What a honk!

Do you see? Cleaning the floor is not that hard to do! If you have questions, you should contact the oven cleaning from Rushden cleaners who perform deep kitchen cleaning services and surely know how to deal with all type of flooring problems.