The space around your pool or outdoor spa could be utilized in many different ways, though why not turn the extra space into a real, functional Cabana style change room that will be a real treat for the eye and body. Start with creature comforts like the shower for instance, you can choose a fixed or built in shower set up or a stand alone version which hooks up to the garden tap or hose.

Other home comforts you may wish to include in your change room design are a vanity table, possibly with a mirror. Add lamps of intriguing designs in combination with eye-catching original flooring solution to create a change room that will really look the part and be the centerpiece of your backyard. Don’t go overboard with decorations and accessories though, cluttering the place will only create mess and bring about long hours of cleaning, not that you can’t opt for domestic cleaning services Church End domestic companies will be happy to service you, they employ friendly and courteous cleaning services Chiswick households that have used their services say they are attentive to detail and do a quality job every time.

Keep all you need outside in the change room, especially during the warm months of the year, there is no point going up and down the stairs ten times a day to get a bathing suit, sun block or a hat from the wardrobe, clever storage solutions will give excellent storage capacity and will not compromise on your change room’s style and appearance. Consider the use of trendy basket cases or other storage containers. If you really want to have a vibrant and playful change room for the poolside, then you should definitely make good use of colorful fabrics with bold patterns, cover the concrete or brick walls with those to create a really complete summer look, covering the walls will also obscure the actual size of the room and make it appear larger. Consider using privacy screens, the fold out versions are excellent, they are functional and add colour and style to the whole change room.