shiny bathroom cleaning
When it comes to bathroom cleaning do not forget that in this area the cleaning chores only get harder over time. The bathroom gets dirty really easy when you have children. With minimal but sustained efforts you can keep your bathroom in proper shape. Instead of preparing for a big deep end of the month cleaning, clean a little bit of everything each day. Thus dirt and dust will not accumulate. Moreover, you will be able to restrict mold and mildew growth.

Always have a pair of bizzybee rubber gloves, lime scale remover, and bleach at hand. Some microfiber cloths might be useful, too. It is a good idea to buy really good grout brush, a mop, and toilet brush.

Hard water residue build up is quite a menace. It sticks to faucets, sinks, showers like glue. To prevent heavy build up scrub these parts every two to three days. Soap scum can be prevented also by regular scrubbing. Eliminating these build ups will greatly reduce the time you will spend next time cleaning.

If you wipe the toilet, sink, shower, and counters area daily with disinfectant wipes will decrease the build up of dirt and dust. Be careful to wear multi purpose or disposable vinyl gloves to protect your hands.

Once a week you can pour a cup or two of bleach into the toilet bowl. Scrub it rigorously and leave it to stay for 5 minutes. Then flush it while scrubbing again.

You can sweep the floor before mopping to remove debris and hairs. You can put a little bleach in the bucket with water for disinfection.

Cleaning your bathroom can be quick and easy. It will not be pleasant, but can become at least tolerable chore.