Vintage necklace

It’s a rainy Sunday and it’s a perfect day for a DIY project. Here I find a great tutorial on how to make an amazing vintage necklace quickly and easily.


You’ll need:

  • Fabric Flower Vintage;
  • Leashes;
  • Ring;
  • Lock crab;
  • Cotton;
  • Pliers.

DIY necklace fabric

Step 1:  Cut a small piece of the fabric into rectangles.

DIY vintage necklace step 2

Step 2: Double the fabric and sew the two edges as shown.

DIY vintage necklace 3

Step 3:  Sew the two corners of the bottom of the little bad as it’s shown.


Step 4: Flipped the right side of the bag and then stuffed inside.

DIY vintage necklace 5

Step 5: Attach the bag to the inside lock clamp then use pliers to press.

DIY vintage necklace 6

Step 6: Pierce the circular ring as shown.

DIY vintage necklace 7

Step 7: Put the chain through the pendant and add antique decorations.

DIY vintage necklace 8

DIY vintage necklace 9

It looks amazing! And it is even more amazing that this beautiful necklace was made with discarded materials that otherwise would go to rubbish. This way you save some materials from waste and create something extremely beautiful using your very own hands. Jewellery is always better, individual and more personal when you go down the DIY route. Taking the time to craft your own design may call on a little more patience, but the end result is something you can be proud of – and the sentimental value is worth much more than any ready-made jewellery.