Peach TreeTo grow a peach tree in a container you will need a dwarf variety – this could be Bonanza or Garden Lady type. If you prefer nectarines, try with Nectarella or Terrace ruby. These kinds of trees grow slowly, reaching not more than a meter and a half for ten years. Growing the tree in a container also keeps it smaller than planting it in an open space.

When you start planting don’t forget that these trees come from warmer climate and don’t like sitting in a boggy soil. Your container should have good drainage to prevent waterlogging. Place the potted peach tree in the sun. Regularly feed the plant and water it well. If you mulch in spring, you will condition the soil and stimulate it to retain the moisture. If some pruning is needed, do it in spring. You can grow the tree outside till the middle of December, then bring it into a greenhouse or conservatory. You can enjoy your peach or nectarine tree flowers from early spring till early April.

Peach trees can be attacked by birds, aphides, earwigs and red spider mites. Common diseases are: botrytis, bacterial canker, peach leaf curl. However container grown trees don’t usually suffer from these problems. If you peach tree has too many fruitlets, thin them out to give the remaining fruits enough space to grow and ripen. The less fruit you leave the bigger they will grow. Early types will be ready in July and the later ones late August and September.

Pick the fruits when they are well ripe. Peaches and nectarines should be eaten as soon as possible. You can make juice and jam from them too. To clean and maintain your garden, you shouldn’t waste too much time. Use the garden services for cleaning of the cleaners Ardleigh Green companies offer. Fully experienced, armed with tools and enthusiasm the cleaners Balham customers are really proud of will clean your garden and fill it charm.