not to cleanOne day I asked myself, are there any items in the house that should not be cleaned? People nowadays, are writing so much about what, how and when to clean it. With what to clean and such. It is because we all clean soon or later. We spend so much of our time, polishing, vacuuming, scrubbing and dusting, therefore many are suggesting and giving various tricks and tips for cleaning. But what are those things that we should not clean? See the answer below 🙂

Your mother’s pearls – Other kind of jewellery from time to time require cleaning, but pearls do not need at all. The pearls are not that kind of jewellery that are worn so often. Women tend to put them on proms or any other type of official aristocratic parties, but still if they get darken, remember one thing, this is not a DIY job. Take them to jewelers to clean them and re-strung them.

The chimney – If you intend to clean the chimney of your house, you have gone mad then, trying this without any research on the subject and without any experience, you will have a lot more cleaning problems than you might think. This is a task, that will require knowledge on the structure of a chimney, not to mention that, you shall need the right tools and equipment. And most of all, the heavy preparations that must be done before the very cleaning. Still if you want to clean it, read this post first –

The old looking copper – If you see some green stuff on copper, it is very likely to be a corrosion. The overall assumption is that this green patina on the copper is attractive rather a corrosion effect. Most of us, knows that with the use of mixture from vinegar and salt, one can easily clean bronze and brass. As for the copper you should not do this.

The cat in the house – You do not need to clean or wash or bath the cat. But you might need a groom for long-haired cats to brush with it on a regular basis. Even if your cat get fleas, do not go instantly with the bath method, as many people believe that this is the solution. Instead use an essential oil with the help of the grooming brush and rub it all over the cat. If you have carpeting in your house, it is very likely the fleas to find also there a home. So if you make the fleas gone, but re-appeared in time, then you should consider to hire professional carpet cleaners. Don’t go looking for cleaning company, just check out these guys –>

The laser lens of DVD or CD player – Do not even think about cleaning this complex device with a duster or any kind of cloth, not even a microfiber cloth. Do you understand? Still if your expensive DVD player stop reading disks, cleaning is a must. Not to mention that the harder part is to reach the lens that spread the laser which is reading the information from the disk. Try buying, a special disk for cleaning DVDs. It is a disk with attached small brush on it. If this does not help, seek for professional technical maintenance. The cricket bats – Do not get these wet at any cost, for sure this will ruin them, so never wash them, you get me? The red marks that you see are badges of honor. Just use a bit of linseed oil on the surface of the bat, and never around the splice.

I am sure that there are also other different household items that should not be cleaned by you, but now I can not think of them. For those described above, I strongly recommend you to use the help of professionals.