If you are planning to sell your home, you must have a general idea on how to prepare for it. You might need to improve the presentation of your house to attract people who might want it. You may need to ask a real estate agent to assist you to enhance its appearance. Follow the following steps before selling your house.

Research your local housing market

Do you have an idea about the price of a house in your local area? Even if you know, you still need to dig deeper into research and have some statistics from a National Association of Realtors.

Find out similar homes on sale and compare them with your house. Are they better than your home? Is there anything you need to improve to beat them? What is their price? Especially if a first-time buyer, you can find more information on real estate websites.

Find out similar homes on sale and compare them with your house. Are they better than your home? Is there anything you need to improve to beat them? What is their price? You can find more information on real estate websites. Sites like ABODO Apartments can also help you understand the rental market. You can compare prices for apartments in Houston, Texas to New York City, and all across the country you live in to get a better understanding of both the rental and housing markets.

Clean your house

Clean your house so that it may be sparkling clean. Cleaning not only involves getting rid of dirt. You might also need to declutter your home. That means that you should get rid of all unwanted stuff. And it shouldn’t be a big problem if you just hire a good Man and Van Service. When trying to get rid of clutter, you may realize that you have a big pile of unwanted things.

“You can consider selling or donating some of those things, e.g., unwanted clothes.  Cleaning your house can attract buyers as it makes your home look attractive. Clean all your rugs and carpets to eliminate bad odour in your house.” says the experts at the Low Carbon Buildings blog.

Welcome buyers

Now that your house is clean and presentable, why don’t you welcome buyers? You might want to paint your house and organize your home garden. Ensure that you renovate any broken windows and outdoor lighting. If you’re after added value, looking into energy efficiency measures for older people and thus further increase value.

“Replace your doormat and make everything outside look new. Your outward facade has a significant impact on your buyer’s first impression.” says Mathias from Yes Home Buyers.” says Tom Davies, from

Pack your stuff

Since you are planning to move out soon, start packing your things. Sort them out, and if you still have clutter, you might want to store them away. Clutter can make your house to look small and make buyers shy away from you. Start by packing what you don’t use daily, e.g., excess furniture, personal decorations, and toys.

Update lighting in your home

Do you have decorative light fixtures that don’t fit in your home’s cleaner anymore?

You can replace them to get a fresh look. You can install ambient bulbs with low key lighting so long as they fill the room. If you struggle with matching styles, aesthetics and decor, it’s best to consult interior designers to clear up the mist.

Decorate your table

Set your table by putting decorative flowers on your dining room table or kitchen table. Having an attractive dining table and kitchen gives the buyer a picture of how it might feel to stay in that house.

Hide unattractive items away

Some items in your home cannot be so good to look when they stay at open places, e.g., toys, pet dishes, litter boxes and kid’s entertainment. You can store than outside in a garage or an outside storage space.

Create a hidden place to store other stuff such as dirty laundry. This will save you from the undesirable image when potential buyers come to check your home.

Take care of your backyard

Your backyard determines the outward beauty of your compound. Remember it can either welcome or push buyers away. Ensure that you plant beautiful flowers and make it spacious. Trim plants that appear to be taller than others.

Renovate your house

Learn to fix all the stuff that gets destroyed in your house no matter how small. If you have any outdated hardware like door handles, curtain rods or faucets, you can install new ones. Whether it is a bathroom, a kitchen or a bedroom, ensure that you fix everything that doesn’t look right and welcoming. A great idea is to get professional chimney sweepers to add the dash of extra value with well-maintenanced chimneys.

Remember to paint

Painting makes your house look new and striking. You can use neutral colours like subtle gray and taupe.

Painting your home makes your cabinets and doors to look better. If your roof has rust, you can paint it and it will still look great.

Selling your home can be devastating if you don’t prepare in advance. You may either lack clients or end up selling it at a low price. You should, therefore, consider renovating it, cleaning and making it more attractive. Look for buyers after making it presentable.