cleaners LondonRecycling is important. Everyone has heard about paper, plastic, metal recycling… But did you know that you can recycle food as well? How? Cleaning London professionals will explain to you with a few short and easy-to-learn tips. Find out the top ways to recycle food. I hope that it will be interesting enough for you.

Cleaners in London are experts in cleaning and know a few things about recycling, because however this is reusing of waste and things that we usually put in the trash. The top ways to recycle food are a few interesting ideas who will help you in the “fight” for a cleaner planet.

1.The best way to use scraps is to make compost with it. Cleaning London specialists advise you to buy a bin that fits even in a small place and use it for a compost bin.

2.If you don’t have your own compost pile, check if any of your neighbours does. Contribute your food waste to their piles. You can also ask the gardeners in your area.

3.You can offer your food waste to the local farmers.

4.Many farm animals such as chickens, goats and pigs, would thrive in your food scraps. However, cleaners in London note that it’s not really recommend giving your waste to domestic pets. Be aware of that fact!

These were just the top 4 ways to recycle food. Cleaning London specialists can give you many more ideas and tips, so make sure that you contact them and learn more about all types of recycling and more especially for the interesting ways to recycle food.