benefits of minimalismMinimalism seeks to simplicity life. It has a way of unearthing creativity and embracing the beauty in life. Minimalism recognizes that things do not define you. This way of life defeats consumerism, greed, selfishness, and stuffitis. It embraces everything that nature has to offer. So, what are the benefits of leading minimalist life?

Less over consumption and consumerism. When we began the process of purging our home of excessive clutter and stuff, it was sad at how much we had spent on consumerism. We unloaded boxes and boxes of books, magazines, games, videos, and paper. Thousands of pounds in consumer products were packed into closets, corners, and drawers. The worst part was that we had spent thousands on stuff, yet not much was left to show for it. All those frivolous purchases not only end up cluttering our life and spending our hard earned money but soon will go to the landfill. Every single tangible purchase we make has an impact on the world around us.

Freedom from stuffitis. It’s important to recognize when we have a case of stuffitis. What is stuffitis? Stuffitis is owning too much stuff, and realizing that one owns too much stuff. That person continues to purchase more and borrows more money to fund frivolous purchases. Hobby shopping would also be considered stuffitis. Stuffitis is also wanting more, more, and more. Stuffitis is never finding satisfaction in the more.

Less Clutter. Clutter can be viewed as things that you do not love or currently use. It can also be termed as items in an untidy and disorganized manner. Clutter is when we pack cabinets and drawers full of things and when we leave unfinished projects lingering around. Clutter sneaks in like dust. When evaluating whether or not something is clutter, ask yourself those few questions from above. Once you have determined the items that clutter you life, a rubbish removal company can help getting rid of them. Visit this link, if you need a reliable junk removal provider in London.

More time for what we love. As a result of spending less, we aren’t required to work as long of hours to meet our needs. Less work equals more time for what we love. More time for our children and family, less time spent at work. It’s a simple equation but powerful. Know that we can’t purchase more time, all we can do is use it wisely. Time becomes even more valuable to us when we realize that we can’t get more of it.

More money. We ultimately have more money when we spend less. Just learn to say ”no” to frivolous purchases. When you go to the grocery store, make yourself put back at least 5 items. Make this a normal ritual to save money and cut down on wasteful spending. When you look down into that shopping cart full of items, it is easy to see the one’s that don’t really need to be there. Those are the items that end up clutter in the cabinets.