When it comes to cleaning the house with household products, we usually think about cleaning with vinegar and baking soda. But there is also another not so wide-spread cleaning hero and this is the lemon juice. It is a good alternative to the commercial cleaners and works as good and efficient as them.

Some of his best known qualities are that it is a good antibacterial and antiseptic cleaner, but here we are another reasons why the lemon juice is so necessary addition to our green cleaning arsenal.

Do you know that lemon juice can be used for cleaning instead of bleach? As cleaners Camberwell advise – we can pour a half cup of lemon juice in the washing machine and it will brighten even more the white items when they dry completely at sun.

Another good advantage of using lemon juice for domestic cleaning is because it is a really good degreaser. A teaspoon of it added to the dish-washing machine helps the dishes to get rid quickly of the stubborn grease on them.

Lemon smells fresh and wonderful. A half of it put in the fridge or in the garbage disposal, cut the odors and neutralize the awful smells. You can use it even for cleaning your hands from the smell after cooking with fish or garlic, for example.

The secret key to remove stubborn stains is again the lemon juice. Cleaners Camberwell tell this secret from their everyday practice – putting some lemon juice on the stain and letting it for several minutes to start working, and the stain is easily wiped off. It can be used for cleaning glass surfaces as well.