Expensive Wooden Floors

I’m in a confessional mood, so I’ve decided to tell you a bit of a secret. You may not really think about it, but it’s true and without the necessary strategy your home may be doomed from the get-go. Of course, I’m talking about decorating your home so it becomes a home décor magazine affair and then have children, which tends to shatter the dream home as you don’t have time to clean it and your style falls into disarray. What you need is to look ahead and take measures at each step closer to children. This post has the product to save your floors from mud and scratches.

I discovered the Slip-a through Fantastic Cleaners’ blog on a very random stint searching for creative ways to use eggshells. My browsing led me to the review of the Slip-a design, which is the perfect accessory for families planning on having children, already have children or consider one spouse to fall in the “permanent child” category.

Slip-a Design Convertable

This is a mat, which turns into a bag you can carry. Dirty boots? Take them off on the slip-a and then pull the cords to close it off. Congrats no foot prints and no scratches on the ground. The same goes for buggies and scooters. I have already ordered mine. You can see more about the product at this website.