Small sized bedrooms are an excellent and cozy retreat for well deserved rest at the end of a long day. In many instances though, constricted living and floor space present a serious challenge before homemakers, especially with the fact that many small bedrooms double as studies or home  offices therefore posing the need for extra furniture like computer desks or small file cabinets. It is a good idea to start arranging the room with the largest furniture pieces like the bed and the dresser.

Place the bed in a corner of the room, away from windows or doors, a bed in the corner gives plenty of room to work with and makes the room easier to clean and maintain. No matter how well a room is arranged, cleaning is inevitable, so make life easier and place furniture in strategic, easy to clean and access areas, in case you don’t find cleaning too enjoyable request domestic cleaning South Chingford house cleaning businesses offer a range of general and specialized cleaning South Hackney local industry listings will provide you with a list of local cleaners to choose from. When arranging the other items like a desk or a bookshelf, try and place those in such a way that they are in close proximity to one another but are not overhanging the bed. You need clear walkway to and from the bed on at least two sides.

Make god use of shelving, it is a great way to create storage space where there is no option for furniture. A shelf close by the bed will give you access to all books and reading material but at the same time it will not clutter the floor space further. You can decorate the bed and top it off with large, soft pillows, these large pillows can be stacked against the wall during the day to create a day bed where you can rest for a bit or do some quiet reading without hoping into bed completely. A versatile nightstand with double functions can prove to be valuable in one such room set up.