Do you know which are the top attractions in London? Well, you probably won’t call the cleaners London to find out this or to surf on the net for hours. In the next lines, with just a few short tips, I will share with you a top attractions’ check-list for London 2012 Olympics.

During the Olympics (attending the sport events or not), you should take some time to go around London. However, London is not a small village, but a huge, huge city and it will take you weeks to see every attraction and beautiful buildings in here. Read the next lines and make sure that you pass through all the attractions in the list.

1.I’ll start with the Buckingham palace. Not everyone can take a few hours of walking around the Royal Palace. However, I highly recommend going there to take a few pictures on the morning. Every day between 11 and 12 the main attraction that collect all the visitors is the change of the guard.

2.Next, I should say the London eye. Take a half hour ride and see London from high above. The view to all the bridges and the Big Ben from there is fascinating.

3.If you love animals and fishes, I recommend going at the London zoo and the Sea life Aquarium. These two attractions are perfect for kids, but are also very loved by some adults. I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy the tours.

4. And last, but not the least – my two favourite museums – the Madame Tussauds museum and the Harry Potter’s museum. For all the fans, these are must-see attractions.

Final tip! Keep our city clean and respect it not only the work of the cleaners London, but our efforts to keep London perfectly-cleaned.