kitchen cleaning kitIt started happening way too often that the people living in London started losing their belief in the efficiency of many home cleaning companies. This is why instead of booking a cleaners Brent Cross agency to do a deep end of tenancy cleaning they prefer to buy tons of products themselves and spend the weekend doing this grand home cleaning without any professional help. Exactly for those brave individuals is the following list with things they need to buy in order to make an excellent vacate cleaning:

1)      Universal household cleaner plus a separate window cleaner and a spray for polishing wooden surfaces. Depending on what type of surfaces there are in your property you may also need to buy mild abrasive cleanser, some dishwashing product, mold removing spray, and professional liquids that clean stainless steel , aluminium and copper.

2)      If you are a fan of homemade cleaning solutions than you might like to get some baking soda, apple vinegar and some lemons. then you will also need the recipes for the cleaning products, of course.

3)      Take also a bottle of bleach but no industrial chemicals even if you need to clean the oven – they are too unhealthy as it is not worth the risk to
use them.

4)      When it comes to the equipment you will need some soft clean cotton pieces of cloth as well as some microfiber ones. You will also need some paper towels to wipe down different surfaces after the cleaning.

5)      Even if you are using a cleaners Brompton agency make sure that all the sponges, pot and pan scrubbers, kitchen brushes, tile brushes and bottle brushes they use are new. You do not want your house cleaned with equipment that has already been used before and soaked up some bacteria.

6)      Get some nylon bags for the rubbish to secure its safe removal, and some rubber gloves to protect your hands while cleaning.