Rubber glovesHousehold gloves come in handy when we do lots of home chores. They protect us from harmful chemicals, hot water, and unpleasant substances when we have to clean them. There are many types of household gloves thick rubber gloves or disposable latex free gloves, just to name few. They are fit for numerous household activities. The best gloves will be durable and provide you with great handling abilities to accomplish your tasks.

Having said that it is important to take proper care for them so you might be able to use them longer. This extra effort will pay later in terms of saving money and working with well maintained rubber gloves without sticky substances all over them or unknown punctures that leak.

  1. Use them- let’s start with the obvious. Many people are not used to working with rubber or disposable gloves while cleaning. But those who already have learned reap the benefits. You can make a simple experiment. Try washing the dishes with and without gloves and compare the condition of your skin and nails after the trials. Pretty sure there would be a notable difference. You can research properly and find the best pair for your needs and preferences.
  2. Storage- proper storage is job half- done. As most of the time your gloves are going to spend in storage provide a dry cool pace away from direct sunlight. You do not want to find your newly bought pair of rubber gloves melted, do you? Also protect them from punctures.
  3. Clean immediately after use- the best way to clean your rubber gloves is to rinse them. You want to keep them as clean as possible so germs and unpleasant substances do not build on their surface. After you are ready with your chores spend some time to rinse them thoroughly. You might consider even turning them inside out so they can also dry from the inside.
  4. Different pair for different chore- upon presumption you do not want to wash the dishes with the same pair of rubber gloves you clean the toilet, right? You can either choose different colours or use disposable latex free gloves for some chores.

Hopefully this post will make you consider wearing gloves while cleaning and help you take proper care for them afterwards.