Whether you are a smoker or not, this piece of writing is for you. Living in a fog of smoke is not a good thing. That is, for instance, why people go outside for a smoke. But, occasionally you get together with your palls and someone lights up a smoke or two. Out of politeness you will allow them to proceed. But, the stench will be the one you will have to deal with later. And here is how.

The task is not as simple as you may think. A single cigarette is not that big of a problem. However several of them, or a prolonged exposure to the smoke of furniture, clothes your hair even, can leave a very sturdy stench, that is very hard go get rid of.

The smoke that is in the air is not the real problem. If it was, a simple opening of a window could have dealt with it pronto. You may actually do it. The real issue takes place when you have this smell coming from all around the room. Now it gets complicated.

Cleaners Worcester Park advise to use ammonia for the upholstery cleaning. It has a strong smell that can break the smoke’s and it is a natural stain remover since it is an acid. Not all upholstery may be treated this way though, so if you have doubts you can always use something from the green cleaning products, like white vinegar.

Carpets have an ability – to absorb dust, smells, moisture and keep it inside. If it is a smoker house, the carpet should be cracking from all the smoke in it. Most usual cleaning methods wont work, or they will, but not good enough. You have to go to full offensive here – steam cleaning. Cleaners Worcester Park can do this with ease and spare you taking the carpet somewhere else – they can do it at your home, fast, and efficient.

You can use charcoal to clean the air, if a simple airing won’t work. The air fresheners will only add to the deadly mixture of vapours in the air, so using them is prohibited. Put a bag of charcoal somewhere in the middle of the room and in a few days expect a full atmosphere change. You may open the window anyway.