The hardwood flooring in your rental unit was a major attraction at the beginning of your tenancy, and many of your friends envied your well-polished parquet shine. But the time to move out has come, and you’ve noticed that the wood floor is not as shiny as it should be. Returning the shine to a hardwood floor is no simple task, especially if you have neglected your maintenance obligations. In this article we will you some tips on how to keep your parquet in condition until the time come to call the cleaners Heathrow Airport based.

Before cleaning, remember the two arch-rivals of hardwood flooring. The first is scratches that leave invisible jagged lines across the wood grain. The second is water, which can cause your floors to warp and loosen over time. Therefore avoid any cleaning methods that could introduce such traces to the parquet.

To remove large dirt particles, sweep with a soft broom. Vacuum weekly with the soft brush nozzle to suck up the small particles that the broom has left behind. Adjust the proper height, so that you pick up much of the grime. Once the greater part of the dirt is removed, use a very lightly soaked mop to carefully clean the floor. Remember to squeeze the water from the mop as much as possible. The mop shouldn’t leave water on the surface, and should be washed often during the cleaning to avoid any scratching.

Inquire a flooring expert if the hardwood requires waxing or buffing. There procedures keep the floor radiant and shiny, though the flooring will become somewhat slippery for a few days. If buffing is needed, always buff in circular motion, starting in one corner of the room, working your way toward the other. Waxing is analogical to buffing. Once finished avoid walking on the floor for at least an hour.

Many cleaning firms, that offer end of tenancy cleaning as a service, also offer hardwood floor maintenance, cleaning, buffing and waxing in their offer package. In terms of end of tenancy cleaning Heathrow Airport has many firms who have the necessary equipment to bring the shine of the parquet.