9 best tips for cleaning cat urine

Domestic Cleaning MelbourneTell me what terrifies you the most when owning a cat? Could it be its naughtiness or the hyperactive claws? At House Keeper London we say No. By having those adorable felines, we have accepted that. What I am talking about is the horrible odour that comes from their urine. It welcomes you right the moment you set foot in the house and won’t go away easily without some serious treatments. (more…)

How To Clean Your Whole House In Under 60 Minutes

How to Customise Your Kitchen Interior

It may not seem possible at first, but yes – you CAN clean a whole house in an hour or less. It can be done, but it takes focus and hard work. Forget your phone and social networks, don’t allow yourself to become distracted as you gather together discarded magazines and make sure the TV/radio is switched off. If you keep moving and follow these handy cleaning tips from Vale Carpet Cleaning then you will have that house cleaned faster than you ever thought possible. (more…)